Gourmet Trail: Best Restaurants In Ha Giang 2024


Last Update 05 Apr 2024

When visiting Ha Giang, it is essential to sample the region’s renowned and delectable cuisine. To fully appreciate Ha Giang’s culinary offerings, travelers should make a point of dining at its most celebrated and high-quality restaurants during their journey of exploration. Join Indochina on a gastronomic adventure through best restaurants in Ha Giang to unveil the unique dishes that make this destination truly special.


The Ha Giang Karst Plateau is renowned not just for its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural diversity, and festivals steeped in national heritage, but also as a culinary paradise offering unique delicacies. Visitors to this region can indulge in top Ha Giang specialties such as amaranth greens, kitchen-cooked buffalo meat, savory rolls from the ancient Dong Van town, and the signature Ha Giang au tau porridge, among others.

It would be remiss to bypass the celebrated restaurants in Ha Giang that are brimming with famous local dishes. In the following section, Indochina recommends a selection of esteemed eateries where you can sate your appetite and refuel for your adventures exploring the wonders of Ha Giang.

Come to the best restaurants in Ha Giang to enjoy delicious Ha Giang amaranth

Visitors can immerse themself in the rich culinary traditions of Ha Giang, where every bite at a local restaurant tells a story deeply rooted in the region’s cultural heritage via every Ha Giang restaurant in this section.

Bếp Việt – Hà Giang

Situated on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street in Minh Khai Ward, Ha Giang City, Bep Viet Restaurant offers a spacious and airy dining atmosphere. The restaurant’s decor seamlessly blends modern Vietnamese luxury with a warm and inviting ambiance.

With an extensive menu boasting over 80 dishes, Bep Viet Restaurant caters to diverse palates by presenting a range of traditional Vietnamese fare alongside Ha Giang’s signature specialties. Notable dishes include the flavorful black chicken hotpot, fish hotpot, grilled hill chicken, kitchen-cooked buffalo meat, and vibrant five-color sticky rice.

Dishes at Ha Giang restaurant Bep Viet are prepared from fresh, quality ingredients

Ngói Đỏ Restaurant – Top most famous restaurants in Ha Giang

Ngói Đỏ Restaurant is an unmissable Ha Giang restaurant renowned for its mountain and forest cuisine. This airy eatery, surrounded by lush greenery, exudes a spacious and rustic charm. Capable of accommodating large groups, the well-appointed space features neatly arranged tables and seating to cater to parties of varying sizes.

Ngoi Do restaurant space, one of the top extremely famous restaurants in Ha Giang

Ranked among Ha Giang’s most famous restaurants, Ngói Đỏ specializes in mountain dishes that harmoniously blend traditional and contemporary flavors. In addition to quintessential Northeastern mountain and forest fare, the restaurant also offers Korean dishes, Saigon broken rice plates, office lunch options, and more, catering to a wide range of tastes.

Đức Giang Restaurant

A visit to Ha Giang would be incomplete without savoring the unique, savory aromas of the region’s specialties at Duc Giang, a renowned Ha Giang restaurant. This eatery is particularly famed for its fresh fish dishes, including the flavorful river catfish, the exotic 7-dish snake preparation, and succulent sturgeon offerings. Additionally, the restaurant’s affordably priced menu and highly professional service contribute to an overall comfortable and appealing dining experience for all visitors.

Come to Duc Giang restaurant to enjoy quality grilled fish here

Pizza Here

Remarkable Ha Giang restaurant Pizza Here takes immense pride in its meticulously standardized and quality-controlled pizza-making process. From precisely weighing and kneading the dough to molding it into perfectly shaped crusts, every step adheres to strict standards. What sets Pizza Here apart is its handcrafted dough-kneading formula that yields irresistibly hot and crispy crusts. The extensive menu boasts a diverse array of delectable options, ranging from classic sausage and seafood pizzas to indulgent creamy cheese varieties. Additionally, Pizza Here exclusively offers a unique rolled pizza that cannot be found elsewhere.

The first restaurant to serve fresh and flavorful pizza rolls

Moc Mien Restaurant

Moc Mien Ha Giang restaurant is a must-visit destination for those seeking to savor the region’s unique culinary delights. The establishment’s signature dish “au tau porridge” showcases the flavors of Ha Giang. Crafted from au tau root – a tuber found exclusively in the North – and infused with the aromatic essence of perilla leaves, lean minced meat, and a hint of seasoning or beaten eggs, this porridge is a true gastronomic delight.

Au Tau porridge is one of the specialty dishes of the Ha Giang karst plateau

Song Lo Fish Restaurant – Top beautiful Ha Giang restaurants

Designed like a floating house on the romantic Lo River, Song Lo Fish Restaurant in Ha Giang enchants with its poetic riverside ambiance and mouthwatering Lo River fish specialties. Overlooking the Yen Bien 1 Bridge, this open-air eatery harmoniously blends with nature. Diners can savor expertly prepared dishes showcasing unique local flavors, such as grilled catfish hotpot, fried catfish, marinated fish, grilled fish rolls, and turtle delicacies while basking in serene riverside views. Earning its place among the top 20 Ha Giang restaurants, Song Lo promises an exceptional dining experience captivating both palate and senses.

Grilled fish dish stimulates the taste buds of all diners

Hai Hien Restaurant

Amidst the delectable eateries and upscale restaurants of Dong Van town, Hai Hien Restaurant captivates diners with its unique charm and draws in a sizeable crowd. Patrons are enamored by the rustic yet fresh dishes adorning the diverse menu, showcasing rice dishes, hot pots, and an array of highland specialties. The ingredients used are remarkably fresh, and skillfully prepared with stringent hygiene and safety standards in mind. Complementing the delicious fare is the exceptional service provided by the attentive staff. Moreover, this Ha Giang Restaurant entices diners with its affordable pricing and consistently high food quality.

Remember to order “thit lon cap nach” dish

Ba Tu Lan Restaurant – A rustic and simple Ha Giang restaurant

If you’re seeking a delightful dining spot in Ha Giang, be sure to visit Ba Tu Lan restaurant. Nestled in a quaint setting reminiscent of a local town, this charming eatery boasts a cozy ambiance with vintage wooden tables and chairs, evoking a sense of simplicity and warmth. At Ba Tu Lan, you’ll experience a down-to-earth culinary environment offering delectable and reasonably priced dishes like colorful sticky rice, chicken hot pot, sausage, dried beef, and steamed rice rolls, promising a taste of rustic charm with every bite.

Come to Ba Tu Lan restaurant to enjoy rustic but very attractive dishes

Tien Nhi Restaurant

Tien Nhi Ha Giang Restaurant is renowned for its expertise in crafting dishes featuring ingredients sourced from the mountains, forests, and sea, ranging from rice to pho. Often referred to as the “sisters” of Ba Tu Lan Restaurant, Tien Nhi offers a menu similar to its counterpart, featuring a diverse array of enticing options. Beyond the staples, this Ha Giang eatery boasts a selection of mouthwatering dishes including pho, rice paired with dried pork, char siu meat, lentil fish, sturgeon fish, buffalo meat, and more. With a team of highly skilled chefs at the helm, Tien Nhi ensures that its rice and pho dishes are of exceptional quality, all while maintaining affordable prices.

Tien Nhi Restaurant always attracts diners with its quality food and professional service

Quiri Peninsula Bar & Restaurant

Ranked among the top 10 best Ha Giang restaurants, Quiri Peninsula Bar & Restaurant stands out as a celebrated establishment, highly regarded for its inviting atmosphere and attentive service. With a focus on cleanliness and aesthetic appeal, this venue offers guests a delightful experience, complemented by spacious indoor and outdoor communal spaces, including a swimming pool.

Quiri Peninsula Restaurant shines as a standout option for dining in Ha Giang

Hoa Ban Restaurant

Situated along Highway 6, merely 500 meters from the Tong Dau intersection, Hoa Ban Restaurant stands out as a haven for lovers of Northwest cuisine. Offering an ideal respite, this establishment promises not only delicious fare but also captivating vistas. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and indulge in a delectable meal after long days of toil. With an enticing menu featuring unique recipes, this Ha Giang restaurant ensures to satisfy your cravings with a diverse array of dishes.

Hoa Ban Restaurant is an ideal stop to enjoy delicious dishes in the middle of the Northwest mountains and forests

Phượt House Restaurant

Continuing our exploration of the best Ha Giang restaurants, Phuot House Restaurant emerges as a gem, earning a stellar five-star rating for its outstanding service and mouthwatering cuisine. Visitors rave about the delightful dinner experience at Phuot House Restaurant, praising the delectable noodles, fresh vegetables, and standout crispy chicken with rice. With such glowing reviews, it’s no wonder that Phuot House Restaurant has earned its place among the culinary elite in Ha Giang.

At Phượt House Restaurant, noodles and veggies are celebrated for their outstanding quality and taste

Nga Cong Pho Restaurant

Pho Nga Cong Restaurant secured its spot among the top 20 delectable Ha Giang restaurants, thanks to its signature pho dish that sets it apart. Offering a diverse menu featuring variations such as shredded chicken pho, chopped chicken pho, rare and cooked beef pho, and beef pho with wine sauce, this establishment caters to a range of preferences. What distinguishes Pho Nga Cong from Hanoi’s traditional pho is its unique cooking style. Here, the broth boasts a robust flavor derived from chicken and beef raised in the high mountains, utilizing natural grazing methods.

The broth has a strong flavor of chicken and beef raised on high mountains

Bông Hostel

Among the plethora of best restaurants in Ha Giang, few in the city center rival the quality of Bong Restaurant. Despite being relatively new, its simplistic design renders it an ideal and intimate retreat. Offering an extensive menu featuring both vegetarian and regular dishes, including local specialties, Bong Restaurant simplifies decision-making for diners. Furthermore, Bong Restaurant caters to diverse tastes by offering vegetarian and European options, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Traditional local flavors mix with a taste of European cuisine

An Nhien Restaurant

Clay-pot Rice An Nhien Ha Giang Restaurant offers a diverse menu of specialties. From clay-pot rice to braised fish and ethnic dishes prepared with fresh ingredients like beef, chicken, pork, river fish, buffalo, and goat, the restaurant promises an authentic dining experience. Additionally, they provide Hot Pot servings for two or more guests to share. Catering to international tourists, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes including fried rice, fried noodles, spring rolls, and a special selection of vegetarian options.

Indochina has uncovered the most renowned and high-quality Ha Giang restaurants. Visiting Ha Giang without indulging in its delectable specialties would be a missed opportunity. So, why wait? Plan your Ha Giang Motorbike Tour now to explore best restaurants in Ha Giang and relish the culinary delights these restaurants have to offer.


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