Indochina is filled with rich historical, architectural, and natural heritage. Many of these are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Kick-off in “Rose of the North” Chiang Mai winds through northern Thailand to learn about the opium trade that once dominated this region in the Golden Triangle. Then, cross the border into Laos, where you’ll be able to see the authentic side of this landlocked country. Cruise on the mighty Mekong, laze in the beautiful Luang Prabang, and discover the mysterious Plain of Jars in Phonsavan. Heading east, your next destination is Vietnam, and finishing up the phenomenon tour in Hanoi, a city of contrasts: narrow streets but French colonial architecture, temples and museums, hectic traffic, and incredible street food.

This motorcycle tour, lasting 11 days on the occasion of the Water Festivals, is the best way to step into authentic Indochina, a kaleidoscopic fusion of cultures, cuisines, landscapes, and religions in four countries.