Sapa Travel Guide: Discovering the Hidden Gems of Northern Vietnam


Last Update 05 Apr 2024

Sapa is a town shrouded in mist renowned for its breathtaking mountain scenery, invigoratingly fresh air, and quaint village dwellings veiled in the morning fog. Traveling to Sapa promises genuine relaxation, whether it is witnessing winter’s snowfall, conquering the Indochina peak, or strolling through the enchanting Muong Hoa valley, which captivates the soul. Read the article below from Indochina Motorcycle team to uncover the essence of Sapa with the top fun things to do in Sapa journey!

Essential Information for Your Sapa Adventure

If you like Sapa but have never experienced this beautiful city, let Indochina share with you some of the best Sapa travel experiences before bumping into discovering the best things to do in Sapa! Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Sapa and the surrounding areas with unforgettable Northwest Vietnam motorcycle tours.

Optimal Duration of Stay

Sapa is a charming town nestled in the mountains of northwest Vietnam, offering visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and outdoor adventures. To fully immerse yourself in the Sapa experience, it is recommended to plan for a minimum stay of three to four days.

Three days in Sapa allow you to explore the town’s main attractions. Some things that you should do in Sapa are the vibrant Bac Ha market, the picturesque Muong Hoa Valley, and the iconic Fansipan Mountain. You can also embark on short treks through breathtaking terraced rice fields and visit nearby ethnic minority villages.

Three-day or four-day Sapa Motorbike Trip would be perfect

If you have four days or more, you can delve deeper into the region’s culture and explore more remote areas. Consider embarking on a multi-day trekking adventure, which will take you through stunning landscapes, allowing you to interact with local hill tribe communities and gain a deeper appreciation for their way of life.

Additionally, with extra time, you can venture further afield and explore other nearby attractions, such as the beautiful Bac Waterfall or the French-influenced town of Bac Ha.

Accessing Money: ATM’s & Currency Exchange

While in Sapa, it’s essential to have access to cash for various expenses, such as accommodation, food, and souvenirs. The Vietnamese Dong (VND) is the official currency, and there are several options to obtain cash in Sapa.


  • ATMs are widely available in Sapa town, particularly near the main tourist areas and hotels. Major international banks, such as Vietcombank and Agribank, have ATMs that accept foreign debit and credit cards.
  • It’s advisable to notify your bank before traveling to Vietnam to avoid any issues with international transactions.

Currency Exchange:

  • There are numerous currency exchange counters located throughout Sapa town, particularly in the areas surrounding the main market and along Cau May Street.
  • While these counters offer convenience, they may not always provide the most favorable exchange rates. It’s recommended to shop around and compare rates before exchanging your currency.
  • Hotels and larger businesses in Sapa also offer currency exchange services, but the rates may be less competitive compared to dedicated exchange counters.


  • Carry a mix of cash in both Vietnamese Dong and a major currency like US Dollars or Euros for easier exchange.
  • Avoid exchanging money on the street or with unauthorized individuals, as counterfeit currency is a risk.
  • Check with your accommodation provider or local guide for recommended and reputable currency exchange locations.

Ensure you have sufficient cash on hand to cover a range of expenses

Best Time to Explore Sapa’s Beauty

Before delving into the top things to do in Sapa, it’s essential to identify the optimal time for your trip:

  • December to January: Sapa experiences freezing temperatures during winter, often accompanied by drizzles, making roads perilously slippery. Based on the advice of seasoned travelers, it’s advisable not to drive during this period.
  • February to March: Spring brings cold and foggy weather to Sapa, with a lingering chill from winter. If you opt to drive during this time, exercise caution, maintain a slow speed, and be vigilant on the roads.
  • May to June: Known as the rice planting season, Sapa radiates with lush greenery during this time, making it ideal for self-driving tours.
  • August: August marks the rice blooming season in Sapa. While early August sees green rice fields, by the latter half of the month, the fields are awash with ripening rice, offering a picturesque spectacle perfect for driving tours.
In August the rice fields are in full bloom and the terraced fields are covered with lush green

The ideal time for tourists to go is from August to October. Because this is the time when the weather in Sapa town is the most beautiful, it is also the time when Sapa can exude its charming beauty, and radiates intense attraction for you to freely explore.

Top 20 Experiences and Things to Do in Sapa

Whether you’re an adventurous traveler looking for thrilling experiences or someone who prefers a more laid-back approach, there’s plenty to do in Sapa.

Trekking through the stunning landscapes of Sapa Valley

Embarking on a trekking adventure is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in Sapa, allowing you to combine multiple highlights into a single unforgettable experience. Whether you opt for a half-day, full-day, or multi-day trek, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the region’s stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Sapa trekking provides an unmatched adventure

Admiring the breathtaking views of terraced rice fields

One of the primary draws that lure travelers to the mountain town of Sapa is the breathtaking sight of its stunning rice fields – one of the quintessential things to do in Sapa. Regarded as one of the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam, the impressive terraced fields cascade down the slopes of the Muong Hoa Valley, stretching from the valley floor all the way to the top of the mountains.

Sapa ripe rice season - Beautiful colorful picture

Visiting ethnic minority villages

Sapa’s allure lies not only in its natural beauty but also in the opportunity to immerse oneself in the unique cultures of the region’s mountain tribes – one of the top things to do in Sapa. These ethnic minorities, such as the H’Mong, Dao, Tày, and Giay, have called the mountains home for generations, living off the land and preserving their distinct languages, traditional clothing, and customs.

Sapa's charm is found in the distinct cultures of the indigenous mountain tribes

Things to Do in Sapa: Staying overnight in a homestay

Sapa and its surrounding villages offer several homestay options, with the most unique being the opportunity to spend the night in the humble abode of a local hill tribe family. While the accommodations may be basic and lacking in modern comfort, the experience itself is truly invaluable.

The accommodations may be modest but the experience holds immeasurable value

In the evening, savor a homemade family dinner, an excellent way to connect with the local culture, which can be seen as a must do in Sapa. Cap off your day by indulging in a traditional herbal bath or sharing rice wine with your hosts – an unforgettable experience that encapsulates the richness of the region’s culture and traditions, truly a highlight.

Exploring the vibrant Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha Market, held every Sunday, is a lively and colorful spectacle that attracts visitors from far and wide. Wandering through the bustling stalls, witnessing the vibrant displays of local produce, handmade crafts, and traditional clothing, and interacting with friendly vendors is one of the most wonderful things to do in Sapa.

Bac Ha love market - a unique cultural feature of the mountainous region

Conquering the highest peak in Indochina – Fansipan

Perched at an altitude exceeding 3,143 meters above sea level and perpetually veiled by a shroud of clouds throughout the year, Phanxipang, also known as the “Roof of Indochina”, dominates the vast Hoang Lien Son range. Situated just 9 kilometers southwest of Sapa town, this towering peak beckons to adventurers and explorers alike. Locally referred to as Hua Xi Pan, translating to “giant rock slab” in the native tongue, Phanxipang holds immense promise for those seeking daring and thrilling things to do in Sapa.

The vista from the summit of Fansipan is unparalleled

Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall) and Thac Tinh Yeu (Love Waterfall)

“What to do in Sapa Thac Bac” is the most frequently asked question on the Internet. Love Waterfall also originates from Fansipan, Love Waterfall has a height of nearly 100 meters, falling majestically all day and night. The waterfall is situated within the verdant confines of Hoang Lien National Park, embraced by a rich tapestry of green forests and varied vegetation, further enhancing its natural beauty. Adjacent to Love Waterfall lies Silver Waterfall, another captivating natural wonder in the Sapa region. The waterfall is more than 200 meters high and is upstream of Muong Hoa stream. From the summit of Ham Rong Peak, one is treated to a breathtaking sight: the majestic waterfall, cascading down in a powerful, white torrent.

Love Waterfall is located in the middle of majestic mountains and forests

A boat ride of Thac Bac Lake

Silver Waterfall is a famous and quite familiar place to visit in Sapa for many eager tourists. The unique beauty of this place can be compared to a wonderful gift that nature has lovingly given to the beloved land of Lao Cai. This waterfall is located about 15 kilometers from Sapa town towards Lai Chau province and Dien Bien province. Silver Waterfall is located in San Xa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. The road to Thac Bac is quite convenient because it is located right next to National Highway 4D heading to Lai Chau province.

Things to do in Sapa: Exploring Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin village is home to the Red Dao ethnic people and is also the last place on the list of things to do in Sapa by a self-driving car that you cannot miss. Ta Phin village is famous for attracting many tourists to visit the pristine natural scenery, and vast terraced fields and discover the cultural beauty imbued with national identity.

Remember to experience bathing in water with Dao Do leaves

Local specialties at Sapa Night Market

Experiencing the vibrant Sapa Night Market is definitely one of the top things to do when going to Sapa. This local market, open on weekends (from Friday to Sunday) along Nguyen Van Khue Street, welcomes visitors from near and far, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. Visitors can sample delicious local specialties, such as grilled skewers, noodle dishes, and unique street foods while browsing the colorful stalls is a culinary delight and a quintessential in Sapa.

Sapa Night Market is an ideal place to explore the culture and specialties of indigenous people

Visiting Cat Cat Village

Nestled at the foot of the majestic Hoang Lien Son Mountain, Cat Cat Village offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the H’Mong community – one of the top things to do in Sapa. One of the highlights of visiting Cat Cat Village is witnessing the intricate art of weaving. Local artisans skillfully create intricate patterns and designs on traditional looms, showcasing their expertise in this centuries-old craft.

Cat Cat village in Sapa is the most beautiful ancient village in the Northwest

The picturesque countryside surrounding Sapa

Sapa is surrounded by stunning countryside landscapes, with rolling hills, terraced fields, and winding roads. Renting a motorbike or joining a guided tour to explore the rural areas, stopping at scenic viewpoints, and interacting with friendly locals along the way is a scenic exploration.

Tranquil villages in Sapa represent the beauty of the Northwest mountains

Relaxing in natural hot springs

After a day of trekking or exploring, you can rejuvenate your senses by indulging in the natural hot springs found in and around the city. These therapeutic waters offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience amidst stunning natural surroundings, making it one of the unique things to do in Sapa.

Hot Springs at Su Pan Village

Learning about traditional handicrafts

Sapa is renowned for its vibrant textile traditions and handicrafts. Visiting local markets and villages to witness skilled artisans at work, creating intricate embroidery, brocade weaving, and other handmade products, and even taking a workshop to learn these traditional techniques, is a glimpse into Sapa’s artistry.

Sapa’s handicraft market presents the dynamic appeal of the highland town

Discovering the Sapa Museum

Visitors can gain insights into the history, culture, and traditions of the various ethnic minority groups by visiting the Sapa Museum. Exploring the exhibits showcasing traditional clothing, handicrafts, and artifacts is a window into the cultural heritage and unique things to do in Sapa.

Visit Sapa Museum - Learn about the culture of the Northwest Highland ethnic groups

Embarking on a photography tour

With its stunning landscapes, vibrant markets, and diverse ethnic minorities, Sapa is a photographer’s paradise. Joining a guided photography tour led by experienced professionals who will help you find the best vantage points and lighting conditions, you can capture the essence of this incredible region, if you wonder what to do in Sapa for photography enthusiasts.

Join a team of photography enthusiasts to capture Sapa’s beautiful moments

Muong Hoa Valley

After crossing a pass along the high mountains from Sapa town, visitors are greeted by the breathtaking Muong Hoa valley. One of the valley’s special attractions is the ancient stone field, nestled amidst trees and terraced fields of ethnic minorities, featuring hundreds of sandstone rocks engraved with strange drawings and characters whose origin and meaning remain a mystery. This ancient carving site has been classified as a national monument, making it a unique heritage site and a must-visit attraction for those exploring things to do in Sapa.

Muong Hoa Valley is home to the Sapa ancient stone field

Participating in a cooking class

One can immerse themselves in the rich culinary traditions of the Northwest by taking a cooking class. Many people want to learn from local chefs how to prepare authentic Vietnamese dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and better understand the unique flavors and cooking techniques. Of the area. These are ranked among the top culinary adventures and must-dos in Sapa for food lovers.

Cooking class for people interested in Northwest’s culinary

Watching Sapa’s cultural shows

Sapa is home to a diverse array of ethnic minorities, each with its own distinct cultural practices and artistic expressions. Attending one of the town’s traditional cultural shows allows visitors to witness these vibrant traditions firsthand, offering an immersive cultural experience and fantastic things to do in Sapa.

Developing indigenous culture and the success story of Sa Pa tourism

As you take in the performances, you will be mesmerized by the intricate details of the performers’ colorful costumes, meticulously crafted to represent the unique identities of each ethnic group. The dances, often accompanied by melodic traditional instruments, are a celebration of ancient rituals and stories passed down through generations.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into the best things to do in Sapa for your upcoming journey. Don’t hesitate to book a Sapa Motorbike Tour package or explore the motorbike tour combos offered by Indochina Motorcycle for a comprehensive experience. Wishing you a joyful and fulfilling trip to Sapa, where you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty and charm that this remarkable place has to offer!


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